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Phil Returns

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Phil Returns
Thursday 04/03/04
At the close of the Coast Review meeting earlier that morning, Coxswain John Race along with passage crew members Graham Petite, Peter Gunn and Norman Cassie set off for Eyemouth and the Coastal Boat Building Company.
After being at the Eyemouth boatyard some four weeks for a replacement starboard engine and other minor work that was now complete, on Friday 5th March 10:30 hrs "Phil Mead" left Eyemouth harbour on passage back to the river Tees.
Fog was encountered through out the passage and reduced the visibility to around 100 meter's at times. When the visibility improved a speed of 19.2 knots was obtained on trial and the speed reduced to the normal cruising speed of 16 knots. The passage to the Tees went without any problems.
On arrival at the River Tees, 2nd Coxswain Ken Alexander and crew launched relief ALB 47002 " Sam and Joan Woods".
She had been on service at the station since 04/02/04. Both lifeboats then proceeded to Hartlepool Marina where the crews exchanged the equipment that "Phil Mead" carries as an operational lifeboat.
"Phil Mead" being back on station and available for service from 20:00 hrs. Friday 5th. March all at the station could look forward to exercising with their own boat on Sunday 7th March.



ALB 47-008 "Phil Mead" Eyemouth Harbour

ALB 47-008 "Phil Mead" Eyemouth Harbour



ALB 47-008 at the Pilot Jetty
after making the passage Eyemouth-River Tees

Relief ALB 47-002 "Sam and Joan Woods" Launches at Teesmouth to meet "Phil Mead"



Teesmouth ALB 47-008 "Phil Mead" in Tees Bay
on route to Hartlepool Marina

Teesmouth Lifeboat "Phil Mead" alongside
"Sam and Joan Woods" in Hartlepool Marina

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