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Services 2001 - 3

Teesmouth LifeboatSupporters Association

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Services 2001 Cont


March 30th 08:19hrs

Teesmouth Lifeboat launched following a report that the fishing vessel 'Guiding Star' had broken down, 5 miles east of the River Tees. Teesmouth Lifeboat towed the fishing vessel, along with its two occupants back to the River Tees.

Wind - South East Force 4 Sea - 2 metres

February 4th 16:12hrs

Teesmouth Lifeboat launched to 4 people on slag bank to East of South Gare. Shore crew gave first aid to one of the casualties before transfer to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Wind - East South East Force 5 Sea - 5 metres

January 25th 09:48hrs

Teesmouth Lifeboat launched after a report of a person missing from home and possibly in the water. Search carried out between South Gare breakwater and Saltburn. Nothing found.

Wind - South West Force 5 Sea - 2 metres


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