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Services 2002 - 3

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Services 2002 Cont


1st June

At 4.0pm today Saturday the Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat was alerted by Humber Coastguard to assist the 26 foot fishing vessel "Guiding Star", with one person onboard, which had broken down approximately three miles North East of the River Tees.

By 4.20pm the lifeboat was alongside the casualty and commenced the tow back to the River Tees, where the fishing vessel was placed safely back onto its moorings at 6.0pm.

Weather Southerly force 5 (20 knots fresh breeze), Sea Slight, Visibility Good.

23rd April

The Teesmouth all Weather Lifeboat launched at 1545 to yacht "Timian" in a position close to Tees Fairway Buoy. Had suffered mechanical failure and was unable to sail into the wind. Yacht and 1 person onboard safely towed into Hartlepool Marina.

Wind - South West Force 3 5 Sea 0.5 1 metre.

22nd March

The Teesmouth all Weather Lifeboat launched at 0128 to search for a canoeist missing from Seaton Carew beach. Extensive search completed from Seaton Carew to Redcar and up to 3 miles to sea. Also involved were Hartlepool ALB, Hartlepool ILB and both inshore boats from Redcar. All units returned to Stations at 05:00hrs to refuel ready for offshore search commencing at daylight.

Search re-commenced at daylight from South Gare to Boulby and up to 7 miles offshore by Teesmouth and Hartlepool ALB's, inshore areas again searched by inshore boats from Hartlepool and Redcar. Search area extended to Cow Bar to the south and up to 12 miles to sea.

Comprehensive searches completed without finding missing canoeist and all units stood down by 16:00hrs.

Other search units involved : Staithes ILB, Sea King Rescue 131 and Police Air Support Unit.

Wind - South West 1- 2 Sea 0.5 metres

8th March

The Teesmouth all Weather Lifeboat launched at 1151 to F.V."Julie G" broken down 3.5 miles North North East of South Gare Lighthouse. Vessel and 7 persons on board towed to the Tees Barrage.

Wind - South West Force 7 8 Sea - 2 metres

29th February

18:12hrs Carried out extensive serach between South Gare Breakwater and Huntcliffe, from the shore and up to 3 miles out to sea, after a report of red flares. Nothing found.

Wind - South West Force 6 Sea- 2 metres

24th January 24th

17:05hrs Carried out extensive search between South Gare Breakwater and Redcar, from the shore and up to 1.5 miles to sea, after a report of missing Kite Surfer. Person located safe at home.

Wind - North West Force 6 Sea - 6 metres


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