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Services 2004 - 3

Teesmouth LifeboatSupporters Association

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Services 2004 Cont

7th August

At 09:08 Humber MRSC alerted LOM Teesmouth, and requested launch of the Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat, to the assistance of the Fishing Party Boat "Nemesis" which with 10 persons onboard had suffered machinery failure, approximately two miles East of the River Tees.

09:12 Lifeboat crew paged and by 09:24 the lifeboat was launched and proceeding on service to the casualty location. At 09:35 the Lifeboat was alongside the casualty and began to prepare a tow.

09:40 casualty under tow by Lifeboat proceeding to Hartlepool Marina ETA 10:40. At 10:47 the Lifeboat advised Humber MRSC that it was entering Hartlepool Marina. 11:01 with the casualty safely secured in Hartlepool Marina the Lifeboat departed to return to station, arriving at 11:48. 12:15 Lifeboat rehoused and ready for service.

Wind: ENE 10 knots Sea: Slight

31st July

At 14:50 whilst at sea on exercise the Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat was alerted, and advised by Humber MRSC that the yacht "Patonia" with 1 person onboard had suffered engine failure in fog.

14:50 Lifeboat immediately proceeded arriving at the casualty location by15:00, when a tow was put in place. By 15:06 the lifeboat had the casualty in tow and was proceeding to Hartlepool Marina with an ETA of 1830.

By 18:45 the lifeboat had secured the casualty safely alongside in Hartlepool Marina, and proceeded to return to Station arriving at 19:30 and by 20:00 was rehoused and ready for service.

Wind: East South East 6 knots with Mist. Sea: Slight

6th July

Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat "Phil Mead" was launched at 20:15 hrs to assist the fishing boat "Michelle", which with two persons onboard had suffered engine failure within the River Tees.

The Lifeboat under the command of 2nd Coxswain Ken Alexander, quickly located the vessel, and after establishing a tow proceeded to tow the boat back to its moorings at Paddy's Hole South Gare.

Lifeboat returned to station at 21:15 hrs and was rehoused and ready for service by 21:45hrs.

Wind Lightly Westerly Sea Slight

30th June

Teesmouth Lifeboat was alerted at 07:38hrs and asked to assist fishing vessel "Egress" which was taking in water. The lifeboat launched by 07:49hrs and proceeded to a position 3 miles East of South Gare and rendezvoused with "Egress" to assess how serious the leak was. The lifeboat's pump was available but not required once the problem was found to be a split hose on the exhaust. It was decided the "Egress" would make for Hartlepool with the lifeboat standing-by incase the situation deteriorated.

The "Egress" was berthed at the fish quay by 08:40hrs arranging repairs so she could continue her passage to the Shetlands.

Weather Fine Wind WSW 4 / 5 Sea 1 metre

13th June

Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat "Phil Mead" was alerted at 12:30hrs following a VHF call from the fishing vessel "Capricorn", with three persons onboard, and had suffered engine problems approximately half mile from the River Tees.

The Lifeboat swiftly located the "Capricorn", and towed the vessel into the River Tees, where it was placed safely back onto to its moorings in Paddys Hole. The Lifeboat returned to station at 13:36hrs

Weather WSW 24 Knots Sea 1 Metre

10th June

The Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat was launched at around 19:00hrs following a report that a person may be in the water at South Bank River Tees. Teesmouth Lifeboat proceeded up river to the search area, and after an extensive search of the river and the embankment, the search was terminated without the reported missing person being located.

After discussions with the Police it was agreed to call off the search, which was considered to be a false alarm with good intent.

Wind SW 25 knots Sea Calm

18th May

Teesmouth Lifeboat crew were alerted by Humber Coastguard at 17:35hrs local time and asked to go to the assistance of two persons in an inflatable dinghy that was blowing away out to sea East of the South Gare.

At 17:46hrs the two casualties were landed into the care of Teesmouth Lifeboat crew after being safely picked up by a dive boat which was returning to South Gare Marine Club slipway, adjacent to the Teesmouth Lifeboat boathouse. Both casualties, young female adults were cold, wet but not in need of medical assistance.

Wind WSW 20 knots Sea Swell 0.5 to 1.0 metre

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