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Services 2004 - 4

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Services 2004 Cont

2nd May

Launched on service at 16:11hrs. After a request from Humber coastguard to search for people in the water.

Redcar Atlantic was the first respondent to an incident, which started as a person on a broken down jet ski adjacent to the outfall 1 mile SE of South Gare. After they picked up the person from what was actually the bow of a sunken boat, information was given to indicate there were a further two persons missing. Whilst heading for Teesmouth boathouse with the first casualty, Redcar Atlantic came across a second who was recovered and also landed at Teesmouth boathouse.

A major search was initiated involving Teesmouth Lifeboat (On Scene Co-ordinator), Hartlepool Lifeboat, Hartlepool Inshore Lifeboat, Redcar Lifeboat, Redcar Inshore Lifeboat, Redcar Coastguards and Rescue Helicopter 128.

Within minutes of the Rescue Helicopter commencing their search pattern, a casualty was spotted and recovered to Teesmouth Lifeboat by Hartlepool Inshore Lifeboat and pronounced dead by the on-board Doctor.

Unfortunately one of the casualties recovered by Redcar Lifeboat was also pronounced dead by the Doctor.

Wind SW 2/3 Sea Swell Less than 0.5 metres.Visibility Good

25th April

Launch on service at 05:11 hrs with the two crew members from the vessel "Saphire", who were placed back aboard their own boat. After completeing repairs the "Saphire" refloated and was escorted out of the Tees Channel to the Saltscar Bouy from where they continued with their passage to Hull.

24th April

Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat launched on service at 20:20 hrs to go to the assistance of the 9.8M vessel "Saphire", on passage from the river Tyne to Hull. The boat developed engine trouble in the Tees Bay and ran aground on the Tees Channel traing wall. The Skipper declined the offer to tow the vessel from the rocks incase damage was sustained. The crew members were taken off the vessel by Redcar Atlantic 21 Lifeboat, and transfered to the Teesmouth Lifeboat. A decision was made to allow the vessel to ebb off and stand by when she was ready to refloat.

Wind 0 Sea calm

March 21st

Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat was requested to launch by Humber Coastgurd at 21:35hrs. to assist in locating "The Amanda", a Hartlepool fishing boat. Within minutes of launching Teesmouth Lifeboat was asked to stand-by and prepare to take members of Cleveland Police Force to "The Amanda" which had been located by Hartlepool Lifeboat.

Northumbria Police RIB "Scimitar" was also tasked and by 01:00hrs had put 2 officers aboard "The Amanda" in a position 9 miles East of Seaham.

Teesmouth Lifeboat was stood down and re-housed.

Wind WNW 4 5 Sea 1 to 1.5 metre swell.

1st Febuary

Teesmouth Lifeboat launched on service at 01:15hrs after a request was received by Humber Coastguard from Cleveland Police that assistance was required with a person threatening to jump off Newport Bridge. The lifeboat proceeded up river and stood by until the person was safely talked down and taken to hospital. The lifeboat returned to station 03:00hrs.

Wind Westerly 10 knots Sea Calm


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